The love of two places combined in a book

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Fros in Corfu

Ever since I was little, I’ve always cherished time spent in Corfu;  my mother’s birthplace. Corfu is one of seven islands in the Ionian Sea. It is situated on the northwest edge of Greece, an hour’s journey by ferry from the prefecture of Epirus in the Greek mainland. The first thing you notice when you see pictures of my favorite Greek island is how green it is and that is no surprise, given the fact that it is remarkably more humid and rainy there than is common for the rest of the country.

Corfu beach

Lush hills, quaint fishing villages and stunning sandy beaches are to be found all around this highly touristy island. I regard myself as very lucky to have spent most of my childhood summers there in the company of my beloved grandparents and multitudes of cousins; sometimes for 3 months at a time! My encounters with hoards of…

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