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Congratulations to my dear friend, Kathryn Treat, who has been spotlighted on PnP Authors!

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I am fortunate this week to be featured in the Spotlight/Interview Section of PnP Authors.  I have been a member of PnP Authors for nearly a year now.  It is a wonderful place where authors are now spotlighted.  The founders constantly strive to make writers better by doing round robin writings, discussing punctuation, and grammar.  I am happy to be among some very talented people.

Please take a look at their website and read my interview and learn a little more about me and my book, Allergic to Life:  My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope.

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The GIMME MORE! Blog Series: My Secrets to Creating Compelling Science Fiction & Fantasy

Written by Danica Cornell

If you were to venture a guess, what would you list as the number one aspiration of today’s fiction writers?   Might it be to make a living doing what we love?  To be famous?  To work less than 50 hours a week?  Actually, for myself, anything less than 60 hours would be a step in the right direction—but I digress.

Digging a little deeper, I’d be willing to bet for the majority of us in the writing/publishing biz, our deepest longing is to gain a loyal following of readers—but not just any readers.  What we really want are readers who HUNGER for our work.  We want them banging down the doors demanding , “When’s your next book coming out?!” Naturally, the question then becomes, how do we achieve this–what’s the magic stuff that makes readers crave our work?

For most of us, the bottom line is this:  We want our readers screaming from the rooftops, “Gimme more!”

On some level, I suspect even beginning authors understand that in order to write as well as the pros, they’d best be advised to begin with an interesting story (a conflict, a problem) within a well constructed story world.   They might also understand they need to deliver the goods when it comes to description and emotional experience—the goal being to have their masterpiece read more like a modern day movie than a centuries-old novel.

When you think about it, a lot of what I’ve outlined here deals directly with the characters themselves.  Their feelings and experiences.  Their conflicts and growth.  This is precisely why I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time to developing my DARK STAR Series’ characters up front—during the planning stages of my novels, NOT while I’m in the middle of writing them.  I realize this technique isn’t for everyone.  But for me, because I believe character development is KING when it comes to creating compelling science fiction/fantasy, (or any kind of fiction for that matter), I’ve chosen to spend the bulk of my time getting to know my characters before word one ever hits the page.

Come again?

That’s right.  Even though I write in what many consider to be one of the most challenging genres out there (due to the imaginary worlds which must be created from scratch), I’m here to tell you I actually spend the bulk of my time developing my characters.

Allow me to explain…

Many of you probably don’t know much (if anything) about my background, so let me start off by saying that I’m not only a writer.  I’m also the owner of a nanotechnology start-up, which is probably why dreaming up sexy, futuristic, high-tech gadgets and weapons systems is second nature to me.  Additionally, because I’ve spent the last fifteen years immersed in nanotechnology business development, I’ve learned a thing or two about technological forecasting and social change— constructs which just so happen to make great fodder for my DARK STAR Scifi/Fantasy Series.

But here’s the deal.   Things get really interesting for readers of science fiction when writers take the time to weave social change into personal change and tie it all together with healthy doses of inter and intrapersonal conflict.  If you think about it, the most fascinating characters any of us have ever known are flawed and complicated.  They’re not stereotypical.  They’re unique, yet believable.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about protagonists, antiheroes, villains, sidekicks, or mentors—our main characters need to LEAP off the pages!  As writers, we want our readers to identify with at least one of our main characters.  Why?  Because we want them to experience first hand, their pains, joys, sorrows, and triumphs.   But more than anything else, we want them to become INVESTED in our characters and their journeys—even to the point of morphing into one of them for a few hours while reading our tantalizing tales.  As you might imagine, this becomes especially important than when creating a series–which is why I’m so passionate about character development in the first place.  Let’s face it, if your readers don’t care about your characters, they won’t care about your cool sci-fi tech or out-of-this-world adventures–so give your readers more of what they really want.  Give them characters they can sink their teeth into.


COMING UP:  In my next installment of The GIMME MORE! Blog Series, I’m going to discuss just how I’ve utilized my psychology degree to help develop DARK STAR’s cast of characters.  This promises to be a fruitful discussion, one chock-full of ideas for helping new writers create truly three-dimensional characters.

It’s been a pleasure spending this time with you.  Thanks so much for stopping by and I do hope you’ll come back again real soon!  🙂

Until we meet again…

Happy writing,





Danica Cornell holds a BA in Psychology.  As the President and Co-Owner of Mano Nanotechnologies, Inc., Danica has over 15 years of business development experience, which she uses to guide the advanced technology concepts featured throughout her forthcoming DARK STAR Sci-fi/Fantasy Series.  To learn more about Danica’s writing, her background in nanotechnology and psychology, and her passion for deep character development, please visit her website at

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Danica Cornell is a proud member of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

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Danica Cornell Welcomes the One and Only, Nonnie Jules!

Hello, and welcome to Day 11 of my two week-long, “JUST MY TWO CENTS” Blog Tour.  My dear, dear friend and co-worker, Danica Cornell has graciously invited me to share with her readers today and I’m so thankful and happy to be at her beautiful place, with her beautiful spirit and smile.  Danica and I “serve” together at Rave Reviews Book Club and we do it gladly, day in and day out.  You say you’ve never heard of RRBC?  Really?  Well, since we’re at Danica’s and you’re her guests, I will let her tell you all about it after I’m gone.

Next month will mark the anniversary of my burst onto the social media scene and during that time, I have published three REALLY GOOD books and have learned so very much about the industry.  Although I’ve been a writer for most of my life (actually, I was born one), I only just became a published author in 2013.  Some might say, “In that short amount of time, what does she know?” Well, I’m here to tell you that “SHE” has learned a lot!  “SHE” has taken the time to hone her skills in the writing department as well as her knowledge.  “SHE” has taken the bull by the horn and run full speed ahead in building her author platform and establishing herself in the writing industry.  “SHE” is making her name KNOWN.

On each stop of my tour, I will give you my TWO-CENTS on a particular topic from the writing industry.  I hope that what I am imparting, you will take, mull over, and then act on in the best interest of YOU.

With that being said, here is JUST MY TWO CENTS ON…


This will be the second time on my tour that I have mentioned misery and how much it loves company.  Today, I’m going to talk about that term that has been attached to those “haters” over in Goodreads-land.  Now, I know some of you love Goodreads, and that’s fine, but I tend to choose not to get too taken with people and places that are filled with ugly and negativity.  It seems Goodreads was made to house both of these criminals.  I think the word they use over there is TROLLS, and I think they use this word for anyone who dares to come into their territory and DISAGREE with them.  But today, we’re turning it around on them, because I think TROLLS are nothing but TROUBLE-MAKERS.

These people literally peruse sites looking for anything they can find wrong with someone else’s book. If they don’t like the title, the cover, the author’s name…whatever it is, they find something to spark an ugly conversation about it.  And even if there is NOTHING wrong to be found, oh, let me tell you…they will CREATE something.  I call this “trolling for trouble.”  There’s always a ring-leader who gets the other trolls all riled up and standing behind her.  They stand behind her in this little army-like fashion until the one she’s attacking “comes for her,” and then she somehow finds her way to the very back.  Because even though these “cowards”…I mean “trolls,” are hiding behind their keyboards feeling tough, they still feel defenseless when strong, intelligent words are thrown in their direction.  See, intelligence of any kind, frightens them.  They like to use those words that are used by people with very limited vocabularies.  I don’t need to spell those words out for you, we all know the ones I’m speaking of.  These trolls also seek out books with sterling 5 star reviews and intentionally leave poor reviews just to mess up this author’s rating.  Intentionally!  How sick is this?

So I say to you today, STAND UP to these “bullies,”… oops, there I go again, I mean “trolls” and let them know that they are “trolling for trouble” in the wrong place.  Let them know that you will not be intimidated by their ugliness or their very limited vocabularies.  Show them that you will not back down from their little army of troll followers and that you will stand tall and strong until they go away.

We can’t please everyone all the time, but we can surely keep those little troubled trolls on the run!

Thanks for allowing me to share my two-cents with you today and if you’d like to follow my tour, please do so at  and do share your thoughts!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:                                                                     

 NONNIE Jules grew up loving books and everything about them.  She has traveled the world, jumped out of planes and climbed many mountains, all thanks to the wonderful world of literature.  She lives with her husband and two daughters on a very quiet strip of land in Louisiana, where red dirt roads and pick-up trucks go hand in hand.  She is the Author of three great reads at present:  “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS,” 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love!; “Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend” (a novel);  and “SUGARCOATIN’ IS FOR CANDY & PACIFYIN’ IS FOR KIDS!” Nonnie is also Founder and President of the widely-known Rave Reviews Book Club, as well as being a sought-after book reviewer with a strong “eye” for perfection.

She continues to write from many different genres and hopes to teach and touch minds and hearts alike with her very unique style of writing.  She loves positive feedback on her writing and personally responds to each and every email.  Nonnie can be reached at, on Twitter @nonniejules, and do follow her blogs WATCH NONNIE WRITE! {} and ASK THE GOOD MOMMY {}.

Nonnie’s feet are firmly planted in her two most important platforms:  Parenting & Support, where she continually invites the masses to join her.



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“THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS,” 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love!;


“Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend”;

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Danica Cornell is the author of the forthcoming DARK STAR Sci-fi/Fantasy Series, soon to be published by Cool Geek Books. To learn more about Danica’s work, her love of dogs, and her support of UNICEF, please visit her website at

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Danica Cornell is a proud member of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

BOOK BLAST: Eden’s Darkness by D.M.Sears

 photo fbe907f1-ca8b-4f6d-8c9d-b2e384f79a14_zpsf1f35904.jpg
What would you do if the person you loved the most became the very thing you were fighting to destroy?
Eden will have to answer that very question before her quest is through. The land she has come to love is at dire risk of being lost to the shadows seeking to consume it. Circenn, now the consort of Darkness, waits to claim her granddaughter and her powers, unaware that Darkness has his own agenda.
He has but little time to obtain his vessel and find his true form. Will he succeed? And will Eden be able to face the disturbing visions that continue to pursue her
Nightmares will become reality in Eden’s Darkness, Book Two in the Ellethny Series.
 photo 85c6c375-f71a-468a-ad8c-b8d2b30deb99_zps986ff285.jpg
“It’s an ambush!” Lex yelled, out of breath yet trying to be loud enough for all to hear. Shadows were coming in waves out of the forest blocking any escape route we may have had.
“Lexington, get behind me!” Val set up a barrier between them and the shades, doing what she could to keep Lex safe this time. “I can only hold this for a few moments. Eden now would be a good time to do something.”
“You got it.”
I took off in a dead run calling up my dragon. Bronze scales covered my body from toes to head; my feathery wings transformed into those of the dragon. As I ascended up into the sky, my body finished changing and I was Ryu, in all her splendor and ferocity. The penumbral outline of my birthmark glowed brightly on my dragon’s forearm. Ryu burst through the sky like liquid bronze bellowing white fire from her mouth.
Be careful my heart.
You be careful. I am safer than you are right now.
You have to keep our daughter safe.
She is fine. Always the worried papa. Let us finish this– I am getting bored.
You would think this kind of excitement would make your evening.
Nah, they need some new tricks, been there done that.
I blew off the situation with my carefree attitude, but deep inside I knew this couldn’t continue. My family and friends were wearing down, and I would be giving birth soon.
Ryu’s vision allowed me to see everything going on at once. The shades I burned were writhing on the ground, screaming a shrill of agony that was deafening. I searched the ground, monitoring my companions. I zeroed in on Maiya pinned by two shadows; a third was working its way towards her. I searched for the closest of my family to go to her aide.
Gregor, Maiya needs help–there are too many shadows attacking her at once. Go to her quickly!
The thought of another person being seriously injured as my uncle had been was not an option.
That will not happen Eden. I will not allow those insects to harm her.
I sent a mental swell of pride at him. My vampire, always so chivalrous.
You are a pleasant distraction my heart, but just now I must stay focused.
Gregor raced with blinding speed over to the silver wolf and threw the two shadows back; the crunch of bone against rock gave a sickening echo. Koren saw what was happening and ran at the third, clamping his strong jaws around the shade’s neck, ripping the head from the body. Black ooze splattered from the head as it was severed from the neck. Maiya rolled over onto her feet and sprang at another shadow, never missing a beat, always ready for the next assailant.
I admired my friends and family for fighting with me, for putting their lives in the balance for a cause that was mine.
You can slo use this direct link: Giveaway
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Connext with D.M Sears:

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They offer a diverse range of both complimentary and affordable products to help the reach of your book go that much further.

Building the World of Titania by Fantasy Author, Leisl Kaberry

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce my friend, the talented Leisl Kaberry, author of the epic fantasy, Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny.

Written by Leisl Kaberry

Building the world of Titania did not happen over night. It was not something I planned out and created well before starting to write the story (as is probably the way it should be). Nope, it was more of an evolving world that grew and changed as the story progressed.

It started out as an image on my desktop of a large green moon reflecting off water surrounding a small beach, which inspired the first scene I wrote (originally the first chapter but that has since changed). By the time I was halfway through that chapter, I had the whole trilogy mapped out in my head and Titania was formed.


                             NOW AVAILABLE

A map was drawn up very early in the piece with countries, cities, towns etc named. But even then, it was just a skeleton that needed to be fleshed out. While I knew what certain places would look like… Much of Titania was a mystery to me until we visited places in the story… Therefore I travelled throughout Titania with my characters, discovering what this new world looked like as they did.

It was an exciting way to create, I never knew what was around the corner exactly, until we were there.

Next problem was making sure I described it well enough. One thing that is difficult as a writer, is reading something back and knowing whether the picture you have in your head is generated from the words on the paper or whether you see it clearly because you actually know what it is supposed to look like. I had that trouble… I saw the world so vividly that I wasn’t even aware that I hadn’t described what I saw in enough detail to give others a chance to see it too.

I found a good way to rectify this… I began to draw features of my world…animals, birds, trees, insects and flowers… Very amateurishly I’ll admit but none the less I understood its comic representation.

I either coloured the pictures or made descriptive notes and from these, I described what I saw. Let me tell you, it’s a much easier thing to do, to describe what is on the paper, than what is only a mental image.

My picture…

Leisl 1   

My artist, Kristen’s version.

  Leisl 2

So the world filled in slowly, details emerged and colour followed. Before long the world had become vibrant and alive… not only in my head but on the page as well, mirroring the world we have but… different.

Leisl 3

Adding to the colour and richness of the world were races… Ones that you’ve heard of before in other books like elves, dwarves and goblins and ones that could only be found in Titania, like shemalks (weasely looking people that live underground) and habatchiees (a stinky race of dwarf).

Animals and birds dotted the landscape, many versions similar to the ones we know in our world, some quite different. Some of which also have evolved over time. My favourite being the lawfabex. My half bear/half wolf started out as a plain ol’ bear… With some differences, he didn’t quite act like a bear all the time. So after much thought, and feeling the need to make him into something far more special, he morphed into a creature of greater significance and interest.

My picture…

 Leisl 4   

 Artist version.

Leisl 5 

Why settle with one moon when you can have as many as you desire? I was happy with three… A green with two sets of rings forming an x in the sky, a great blue and a silver, where the Gods of Titania dwell. Understanding these moons and their significance to the inhabitants was another thing that came with creation. After all, the universe that surrounds Titania is important as well.

While all may not be explained in the first book, it was important to me to understand my world and what I had created so that I knew what I had to work with. For instance it is good to have some understanding of the atmosphere on the planet, can they breath naturally or do they all walk around wearing some breathing apparatus that provides them with air? or good to know how the gravity works… Do they all float around the countryside or perhaps they are very light on their feet? I fashioned my gravity after our world but it did provide some food for thought.

I also made the provision for the use of supernatural powers or real magic… While illusions are great, they lack a certain something. That certain something I wanted to be accessible only to individuals that had the talent and inherited genes.

So much to consider when creating a world… Phew! And it doesn’t stop there… Weather patterns and climate, length of years, rate of growth, language and much more (that I can’t recall right now) had to be accounted for so that things in Titania could make some sense. They are behind the scene things that as a reader, you may not even notice… If I’ve done it right, but that just add some depth to the world and broaden the reader’s understanding (even subconsciously).

Of course now that the world is created… The second book should be so much easier! 😉

Leisl’s book, Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny is now available at Amazon

About Danica Cornell


Danica Cornell is the author of the forthcoming DARK STAR Sci-fi/Fantasy Series, soon to be published by Cool Geek Books. To learn more about Danica’s work, her love of dogs, and her support of UNICEF, please visit her website at

Danica Cornell is a proud member of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

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