Rave Reviews Book Club Recruitment Day

Jennie Sherwin

As a member of Rave Reviews Book Club and the club’s first Spotlight Author, I support the club’s efforts to promote author members. Today as part of recruitment day at Rave Reviews, we send out a call across social media platforms to other authors, and readers as well, to join us at Rave Reviews. The membership perks are unequaled. Whether you are a seasoned author, a first-time author, or an aspiring author in search of support on every level from writing tips to just plain encouragement during dry spells, there is something for you at Rave Reviews. Become a member of the greatest book club cyberspace will ever host. See details of one of the club’s greatest perks, its Spotlight Author feature, below. Then, don’t delay. Join today!

Bruce Borders

Introducing our 4th“SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR

Bruce A. Borders


This week BRUCE will be treated like royalty by the RAVE…

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