Introducing “The Necklace of Goddess Athena” by Effrosyni Moschoudi


Genre: Urban Fantasy

Suitable for: All ages



Efimios is an ancient Greek and an unsung hero of Athens. He has saved the city countless times by undertaking time-travelling missions as instructed by Goddess Athena herself. Now an elderly man, he sends his son Phevos and his adopted daughter Daphne on a time-travelling quest to modern-day Athens. Mysterious as always, he only advises his children to look out for the signs without offering any explanations. Mystified, yet eager to obey their father’s will, Phevos and Daphne settle down in this new world, having been offered assistance by two orphaned siblings: Ksenia and Manos. New friendships and romantic love change their lives while their father’s covert purpose is gradually revealed. As the youngsters continue to unravel the secrets of their family past, inevitably they get caught up in the ongoing conflict between two Gods, one of which becomes their protector and the other, their worst nemesis. Who will prevail when the rival Gods meet again and will the mortal bystanders survive to tell the tale?

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Effrosyni Moschoudi was born and brought up in Athens, Greece. She has a BSc in Computer Science and has worked for large companies for twenty years, mainly in the hotel and airline business. Her work background has been diverse and has mainly involved computer support, customer service and aircraft material purchasing. She has been writing since childhood. She lives in a quaint seaside town near Athens with her husband Andy and a naughty cat called Felix. She is passionate about books and movies and dedicates sufficient time on her weekends to enjoy a bit of both.

On Effrosyni’s Blog (aka The Public Diary of a Greek Dreamer), the reader will find posts on various subjects. There are tips for authors, travel articles, inspiring personal accounts, references to the Law of Attraction, book reviews, author interviews and cover reveals.

Effrosyni’s debut novel, The Necklace of Goddess Athena, is an urban fantasy. It is about two time travelers who arrive in modern-day Athens with a purpose that is secret even to themselves. As of February 2014, the book is available for download exclusively on Amazon in Kindle (.mobi) format.

The novel has received a perfect 5-star rating by the Fantasy & SciFi Network website. An excerpt of the book’s first 2 chapters is currently available for download FREE of charge at Goodreads.

Currently, Effrosyni is writing The Lady of the Pier, a historical novel with a paranormal twist that is set in Brighton (England) in the 1930’s and in Corfu (Greece) in the 1980’s. It is a haunting, tragic love story that highlights the immense popularity of the West Pier in Brighton back in its heyday, before its regrettable decline that began after WWII. The novel will be published in two parts. The first part, The Ebb, will be published in the summer of 2014. Effrosyni is currently penning the concluding part, The Flow, which she hopes to publish too by the end of the same year.

Today, I am pleased to welcome Effrosyni Moschoudi, author of the urban fantasy, The Necklace of Goddess Athena.  As of February 1st, the eBook is available for download exclusively on Amazon in Kindle format.  Join us as I ask her a series of questions in order to find out more about her and her writing!

Welcome Effrosyni – pleasure to have you here today!

Pleasure is all mine, thank you Danica!

So tell us, what has inspired you to write “The Necklace of Goddess Athena”?

 I was very young when I got the idea for the book. I think I was about 21, still in Athens university; back then, I was too distracted by ideas of fun and a career and I only got to write 2-3 chapters tops. At first, the story was just an image in my head and I don’t even know where that came from. It was this brother and sister arriving from antiquity in modern day Athens feeling totally lost and confused. I imagined their father Efimios soon after that, a mysterious man who used to time travel for Goddess Athena in order to protect the city from its enemies. It quickly developed into a story about love for country and family. Now that it is written in its entirety, I see it as an ode to the famous Greek triptych of “Country-God-Family”. This is the secret of the power in the Greek soul. I like to think that some of my compatriots may draw inspiration and even strength from the underlying messages in my book during this truly bleak and shameful time in our history.

Do you see yourself in any of your characters in this book and in what way?

I see myself in Ksenia a lot. She is highly logical and organized. Also she has a tremendous sense of responsibility towards her family and a very strong faith in God. Once she makes a decision to follow a plan through, she’ll never let it go. That is me in every way. Also, I see myself in Daphne a little, in her shyness with strangers and her preference to listen rather than talk.

Are there any characters in the book that you have created with real people in mind?

Yes! I have based the elderly and adorable Mrs Sofia on my grandmother Antigone from Corfu. Back in the 80s, we used to operate a small family business of room rentals on the island and my grandma, my sister and me used to clean the rooms together in the summer. A lot of Mrs Sofia’s hilarious complaints about the guests are very similar to my grandmother’s own comments after risking entry in some really untidy rooms in the morning! Some days the filth we’d find was so bad that she didn’t let us girls enter the room and went in to clean it on her own, bless her!

What are you working on at the moment? Tell us a little about your current project(s).

I am working on the second part of a duology while polishing the first part, which I hope to publish by the summer. It is called The Lady of The Pier and it is a historical novel with a paranormal twist and a bit of poetry put into the mix as well. It follows the lives and loves of two young girls who have never met and yet, they are connected in a mysterious way. Sofia is an overprotected Greek youth who falls in love with a British tourist in Corfu in 1987. Laura is English and she moves to Brighton from London in 1937. She becomes a performer in West’s Pier’s Pavilion and gets caught up in an intriguing love triangle with a young worker and an arrogant aristocrat. The first book rather concentrates on Sofia while the concluding part focuses on Laura and reveals in every detail the mysterious connection between these girls.

How do you go about creating dialogue?

I try to get right under my characters’ skin and to let them do the talking – otherwise I find that it doesn’t flow as smoothly as I’d like to. To manage that, I often have to take time away from my workstation in order to sit quietly and imagine them in more detail. Once I tune in perfectly with the characters, it feels like they are doing the talking and I just type what I hear. It doesn’t even feel like I am making it up. When there’s more than two characters in a dramatic scene, especially where anger is involved, sometimes ‘they talk’ so fast in my head that I find it hard to keep up.

It has been suggested that as a group, writers tend to be elitists.  Do you agree with this assertion?  Why or why not.

No, I don’t think it is true anymore than it would be for any other group of people from any other walk of life. People who have the same profession or practice the same art tend to share common knowledge and experiences that bind them together. They have the same contacts, tools, jargon and so on. It’s inevitable for an outsider to feel left out of the circle. But this doesn’t make this circle of professionals elitist. This is how it is for the outsider, that is all, it is a mere fact and it is inevitable. We writers would feel the same if we tried to socialize with a group of doctors, accountants or builders!

What kind of environment do you write in? A noisy café, a quiet library, at your kitchen table?

I have this funny quirk: I have to have total silence in order to concentrate. It was the same back at school. I could never understand how come some of my friends needed the radio on in order to study. Now I am equally baffled when I hear that other writers play music when they write – I couldn’t write with any kind of background noise. I wish I could – then I could try writing in my balcony or at the local beach but alas, I can only do it in my study with the door shut!

Is there a contrast between Effrosyni the writer and person?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that both as a writer and a person I am always honest and straightforward. If I don’t like something or if I don’t agree I will speak my mind. I am also warm and friendly and easy to approach on both respects.

The only difference between the author and person is where my social interaction is concerned. I seem to be in a virtual crowd every day, when I promote my books and collaborate with authors via the internet. On the other hand, in my real life I am currently a bit of a loner but not by choice. I live in a semi-rural area in a very quiet neighbourhood. It can be days between seeing even my neighbours next door. Having lost my permanent job at Athens airport after the credit crunch, I don’t meet people much any more. It’s quite an anticlimax from my old lifestyle but I don’t fail to count my new blessings all the same: As an indie author, I have acquired a handful of amazing and talented new friends.

Choose a male and a female character from your book and tell us which actor/actress you’d wish to play them in a film adaptation.

I choose Phevos and Ksenia because as I was writing them I couldn’t help picturing them in a certain way. In the years that I was slowly penning the novel I was very passionate about the Twilight saga (the books and movies were still in the making back then). As I wrote about the frustrated and deeply wounded Phevos, I couldn’t help imagining him with the appearance and mannerisms of the melancholic, sophisticated and elegant, Edward Cullen. So you guessed it – Phevos in my mind is the spitting image of Robert Pattinson! As for Ksenia, because of the long bangs and the large blue eyes, my choice can only be Zooey Deschanel. She has the most amazing blue eyes – full of kindness, innocence and confusion too  – I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Ksenia in a movie.

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5 star review on the Fantasy/SciFi Network

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12 thoughts on “Introducing “The Necklace of Goddess Athena” by Effrosyni Moschoudi

  1. What a beautiful interview, Danica!

    Wonderful seeing you Effrosyni and learning more about you as a person and an author. Of course, always interesting to see what inspires others writers, in this case you, and how your book came to be a part of you, both from inspiration but of character traits and vallues you live with.

    Wishing you great success!
    Blessed by your friendship!


  2. Pingback: My Interview on the Blog of Danica Cornell | Effrosyni's Blog

    • I really enjoyed this interview, Fros. So nice to find out more about you – and your wonderful Corfiot granny. I’d love to meet her. Does your family still run a guest house?

      • Hello dear Jenny and thank you for your comments! My granny is 90 now, bless her and more beautiful than ever, a little cutey 🙂 No, We stopped running it in the early 90s – it lasted about 10 years and it’s been a truly precious experience to me- I met lots of lovely people at the guesthouse; mostly Brits, Italians and Germans 😉

      • Well she certainly has earned her retirement, but I’m a little disappointed, as we’re planning to visit Corfu next year and we could have stayed there! I’m guessing it was pretty much like the Pallada?

      • No, sorry to spoil it for you LOL – Pallada is an old neoclassic Athens building. Our family rooms in Corfu are in a typical tourist type building. It’s old now and unused. It needs a lot of paint and maintenance…’s only small and hopefully one day we’ll turn our share into a nice flat for the family-the other half belongs to relatives.

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