How Dark Days Gave Rise to the DARK STAR Series

Written by Danica Cornell

I was unusually young when I figured out that deception is a banker.  From what I’d observed, at some point each of us would pay a penalty for buying into life’s Ponzi schemes —the only real question was how much would it cost any one person?  You see, unlike many of my elementary school-aged peers, my father’s love affair with the bottle kept me from immersing myself in frivolous fairy tales.  That’s because as the DWI’s mounted, so did the violent outbursts.  Clear-headed thinking was the order of the day—along with heaping doses of vigilance, diplomacy, and pragmatism.

It was also during those darkest of days that I decided to live in a manner opposite to that of my parents.  I reasoned that by choosing a different path, there would be fewer opportunities for falling victim to the deception and self-delusion that plagues so many of us.  I wanted to live authentically.  I wanted to live healthfully.  I wanted to bathe myself in the light of truth and tolerance.   By charting a course that included steering clear of all impulse-control issues, I was certain my future would be brighter than my present.  I was certain I would find peace.

Foggy Woodlands

Looking back,  it’s not an exaggeration to say my very survival depended on being able to understand the adults in my world.  And by understand, I mean read.   As a result, I learned two valuable life skills earlier than any of my friends:  the science of detecting behavioral patterns and the art of creative problem-solving.  After all, one miscalculation, misinterpretation, or misstep could turn out badly for my mom and me.  And by badly, I mean deadly. 

Another lesson was that drama is best left to the make-believe worlds scripted by novelists and screen writers.  While it’s true my foray into early childhood fairy tales had been cut short, once I grew a little older, books, television, and movies became my escape from a hellish existence.  It was the Nancy Drew Mystery Series, which first captured my imagination, morphing me from a non-reader to a voracious one.  Shortly thereafter, Mark Twain’s characters, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, showed me that everyday life in the Midwest could be anything but mundane.  Twain also hinted that talented writers can come from anywhere—even tornado-laden Missouri, where I happened to reside.

The out-of-this-world brand of science fiction unique to Gene Roddenberry’s, Star Trek, returned me to the kind of place I had once seen in my dreams.   And where Captain Kirk and his sidekick Spock left off, the characters from the motion picture Star Wars seemed to seamlessly pick up.   Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Yoda were characters I could sink my teeth into—all while being transported back to a place from long ago and far away.

Soon afterward, the poetry of Thoreau and Whitman seeped into my soul, touching me in a way that bordered on the spiritual while exposing deep-seated beliefs I’d kept hidden from view.  On the other hand, when it came to analyzing short stories, it was the drum beat of Edgar Allan Poe’s, The Tell-Tale Heart, which lit up my darker side.  By penning the horror of severe mental illness in a way that only he could, Poe had invited me to tip-toe inside the mind of a mad man. This opportunity to experience firsthand how the psychotic are jailed and tortured within their own distorted realities, only fueled my interest in writing and psychology.

By the time I was 12, I was vaguely aware the field of psychology would somehow tie into my life’s work.  I also knew I would eventually become a writer.  Still, despite my eagerness to begin penning stories, I knew I hadn’t been alive long enough to make any kind of meaningful contribution to the world of fiction.  I also knew I lacked the necessary understanding of the human brain to construct the kind of tales I wanted to create.  I had to face the fact that even though I had been through a lot, I was still a child.  I knew I had a lot left to learn.

Without a doubt, all of the gifted storytellers I encountered early on influenced me in a myriad of ways.  I am truly grateful to each of them.  But it wasn’t until I was exposed to the writings of George Orwell and Anthony Burgess, that I had my true awakening— both as a reader and a writer.   Now 15, peering into the speculative social and political structures of tomorrow made sense in a way it hadn’t when I was younger.   It was only through the dissection of Orwell’s 1984 and Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange, that the themes of the space operas I’d embraced when I was younger finally became clear.  Suddenly, Star Trek and Star Wars held much more meaning for me.  Even so, my journey to becoming a science fiction/fantasy writer was barely underway.

Jupiter and Io

The next lightening strike occurred about 15 years later when as a business development consultant,  I penned a forward-looking section of a government proposal. By describing how a futuristic nanotechnology-enabled sensing system might aid in space and planetary exploration, I got my first real taste of science fiction writing.  The dystopian piece of this was presented in the form of  a coming neoluddite backlash and global religious upheaval and social unrest.  Most of my team members were left scratching their heads, but I knew this was precisely the kind of thing the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts was looking for.  I knew this time I’d hit a home run—both personally and professionally.  That’s because not only were my teammates and I awarded with a sizable contract, but it also became clear I would write dystopian-themed science fiction.  It seemed the genre had been magically encoded in my DNA.  By some miracle I had been gifted with the ability to extrapolate current trends and see into the future!  Even so, one last piece of the puzzle was still missing, and so another 15 long years would slip away…

Everything finally fell into place once I returned to college to complete a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.  Wanting to glean as much information as possible about why people behave the way they do, I made a point to write my research papers at a graduate level.  I didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand exerting this extra effort would provide the additional benefits of honing my research and writing skills—things I knew I would need in spades as a novelist.  But here’s the thing.  Earning that degree also gave me an edge when it came to developing—I mean really developing—flawed and interesting characters.  There was no doubt that for me, this was the crowning jewel on a science fiction/fantasy series I had been quietly mapping out for a few years.  You see, from the time I was 12, I understood that without compelling and complex characters, any story would fall utterly flat.  And flat just ain’t where it’s at—especially when it comes to penning an entire series.


Not surprisingly, this degree also opened my eyes to my own delusions—most notably about myself.  I came to understand that I had deceived myself into believing the only way to survive in this world is by making safe choices.  Unfortunately, by charting and remaining on this course, I ended up denying myself the opportunity to continue growing and developing as a writer.   In the end, I realized I had deceived myself with all the cunning of a brilliantly constructed fictional antagonist!  And as for the cost?   It had been incalculably high.  To put it bluntly, I was left nothing short of emotionally bankrupt.

The good news is that once I understood the inner workings of my own mind, I set a new course for myself that included taking some chances.  I needed to put myself out there—not only as an innovative entrepreneur with a high tech start-up, but also (and most especially) as a writer.  And so today, I’m betting the farm on my upcoming DARK STAR Series.  I’m betting that readers of science fiction/fantasy—those who truly appreciate dystopian themes and parallel scenes and journeys, complete  with deep character development, will enjoy reading my works as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

In the end, there’s no doubt that my darkest days ultimately gave rise to the DARK STAR Series…now all that’s left to do is strap myself in and get ready for a wild ride!

Until we meet again…

Happy reading,


About the Author:


Danica Cornell is the author of the forthcoming DARK STAR Sci-fi/Fantasy Series, soon to be published by Cool Geek Books. To learn more about Danica’s work, her love of dogs, and her support of UNICEF, please visit her website at

Danica Cornell is a proud member of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

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An Interview with Author, Alan Wynzel

Hello Everyone!  Today I have the honor of introducing all of you to my dear friend, Mr. Alan Wynzel, author of the memoir, When I Was German.





Thank you for joining us here today, Alan.  I was wondering, what inspired you to write When I Was German?

Thank you, Danica.  It’s a pleasure to be here.  I wrote my childhood memoir When I Was German because I needed to understand what really happened in my home when I was a child and what it all meant.  I had been seeing things all along through my mother’s eyes but I had to find my own perspective in order to better understand myself and my mother and father.

What was the first thing you ever wrote and how old were you?

I worked on a WWII “novel” in the 6th grade about a German soldier.  It was called “Hard Core Veterans”.  I remember very clearly that I wrote 63 pages and then stopped.  I never finished.  I wish I still had it.

What other writing have you done?

Before the memoir I attempted a few sci-fi novels along with a fictional novel and a few short stories.  Let’s just say they were practice works….

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now the only creative writing I’m doing is laying down an occasional poem on my poetry blog as the spirit moves me.  Marketing my memoir is taking up much of my free time.  I do have a new novel I completed this year, The Seventh Round, a “fictionalized” account of my experiences in the recent Great Recession about losing my job, going broke, losing a major love, and going off the deep end.  A bit of a horror story.  I plan on publishing The Seventh Round in 2014 once my memoir is better established.  And I have another novel in my head, waiting to be written, a story about a hopeless love affair.  Yet another horror story.

Who are your favorite authors and why?

Charles Bukowski:  For telling the truth, and telling it well, and for writing readable poetry.

Hemingway: For his mastery of brevity.

Vonnegut: For his humor in the face of despair.

Cormac McCarthy:  For his masterful style and elemental themes.

George Orwell:  For speaking the truth about power and oppression and for giving us 1984.

Do you have any advice for other indie authors?

If it doesn’t come from your heart, don’t write it.  Don’t try to write something to cash in on a trend.  Don’t copy other writers—find your own voice.  And edit.  And edit again.  And again.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

“Writer’s block” doesn’t concern me because I don’t believe in the concept of writer’s block.  If the words are in me, I will write them.  If they aren’t, I wait until they come.  If anything, I have “Life Block”, where I struggle to find the time to put the words down when they demand release.  Not the same thing as writer’s block.

Where can people purchase your book? is the best place:    If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download Amazon’s Kindle for PC for free.  My book is also available at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iBooks.  Links can be found on my writing blog.

Tell us about your website/blog. What will readers find there?

My writing blog has memoir excerpts, a few short stories, and a few excerpts from The Seventh Round, and anything new and exciting about my memoir as it occurs.  Also, links to purchase.  I also have a poetry blog; I found myself in the mood to write some poems, just for the hell of it, and to keep my writing skills honed.

What is the best and the worst part of the writing process for you?

The best part is when I get it right—whether it be a sentence, paragraph, chapter, or the entire book.  When I read what I wrote and know, this is it—this is how it should be.  And, given that I’m an incredibly harsh self-critic, this doesn’t come easy, but is all the more rewarding when it does.  The worst part is when life interferes with the writing and I lose my flow—this is very frustrating.  Having said that, if there was no life to interfere, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

Alan, thank you so much for joining us today.  Please do come back again and keep us up-to-date with your writing projects.

The pleasure’s all mine, Danica.  Thanks for having me.

About the Author:


I was born and raised in Morristown, NJ.   The years I spent there in a home on Lake Valley Road shaped my life and my writing, which began there, when I was 11. My childhood memoir, When I Was German, tells that story.  Now, at 49, I’m still writing. I’m divorced, have two teenaged kids, and was out of work for almost 2 years in the Great Recession.  I’ve been writing about that, too.  A novel, The Seventh Round, that I will publish soon, tells that story.  And another is in the works.  I’m most prolific, and adept, at telling my own life story, whether in memoir, or fiction.  Like Hemingway said, write what you know.
Connect with Alan Wynzel:

Twitter @alanwynzel

About Danica Cornell:


Danica Cornell is the author of the forthcoming DARK STAR Sci-fi/Fantasy Series, soon to be published by Cool Geek Books. To learn more about Danica’s work, her love of dogs, and her support of UNICEF, please visit her website at

DARK STAR I The Assassins (2)

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Rave Reviews Book Club Recruitment Day

Jennie Sherwin

As a member of Rave Reviews Book Club and the club’s first Spotlight Author, I support the club’s efforts to promote author members. Today as part of recruitment day at Rave Reviews, we send out a call across social media platforms to other authors, and readers as well, to join us at Rave Reviews. The membership perks are unequaled. Whether you are a seasoned author, a first-time author, or an aspiring author in search of support on every level from writing tips to just plain encouragement during dry spells, there is something for you at Rave Reviews. Become a member of the greatest book club cyberspace will ever host. See details of one of the club’s greatest perks, its Spotlight Author feature, below. Then, don’t delay. Join today!

Bruce Borders

Introducing our 4th“SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR

Bruce A. Borders


This week BRUCE will be treated like royalty by the RAVE…

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I’ve Just Been Nominated for a Liebster Award for Blogging!

I’m excited to announce I’ve just been nominated for a Liebster Award by Jennie Sherwin.  Many thanks to Jennie for this incredible honor!


The Rules:

You must link back to the person who nominated you.

Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.

Nominate 11 new bloggers and ask them 11 questions.

You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.

You must let the people you nominate know they have been nominated. 

Here are my questions from Jennie:

1Who are your role models in your professional life?  My writing mentor T. Emerson May and Nonnie Jules and Bruce Borders from RAVE REVIEWS Book Club.

2.  Who are the people who have inspired you in your personal life?  My husband.


3.  Choose one thing in your life for which you are immensely grateful.  My loved ones.  This includes my family, friends, and dog (Hugo).   They all make my life complete!

4.  Give one example each of how you make the chemical, emotional, mental, and physical environments in your home safer for you and those you love.

Chemical: I like to use vinegar for cleaning my shower doors, as opposed to products with a long list of ingredients—many of which I can’t even pronounce!

Emotional: I always strive to be supportive of my family members and friends.  This requires really listening when they need someone to talk to.

Mental: Anyone who knows me is aware in my strong belief in giving one’s best to their pursuits.  However, I also firmly believe in “down time.”

Physical: I routinely place a gate so my little dachshund can’t run upstairs and jump on and off our beds.  Excessive jumping can be detrimental to dachshunds’ long backs.

5.  Choose one person in your life to whom you can tell almost anything without fear of judgment.  Good ol’ Mom.   

6. If you could choose another profession, other than the one you are in, which would you choose?  Psychologist.

7. How would you like to be remembered?  As someone who entertained and educated others through her writing, while simultaneously using her platform to help those in need.


8. What do you do for recreation?  Exercise, read, go to the movies, swim and canoe.

9. What is your favorite family game, i.e., something you play or played with your children?  Scrabble.

10. Who is your favorite poet?   Walt Whitman.

11. Is there a song you like to sing?  Yes!  It depends on my mood and could be anything from Writing by Elton John to Aja by Steely Dan to How Do You Speak To An Angel? By Etta James to We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About by Jimmy Buffet to Five To One by The Doors.  This really represents only a small sampling of the music I love to sing along with!   

I nominate the following bloggers for a Liebster Award:

1.  Effrosyni Mouchoudi  

2.  Janice Ross

3.  Joe Perrone, Jr.

4.  Cassidy Frazee  

5.  Christine Burba  

6.  Jo Robinson

7.  Eli Glassman

8.  Bruce A. Borders

9.  Teri Garringer  

10. Vincent Egoro  

11. James’ The Zombie Blog

Congratulations to all my honorees.I selected you because your blogs inspire me in many different ways.   To claim your award, please follow the rules above.

Here are your 11 questions:

1.  What is the one thing you can’t live without?

2.  If you could go anywhere you wanted…anywhere at all, where would this be?  Why?

3.  Who brings out the best in you?

4.  What is your highest vision/goal for yourself?

5.  What Superpower do you wish you had?

6. As a reader, are you a fan of the close-up view, like exploring a microcosm, a subculture?  Or do you prefer the wide shot—looking at an entire cosm, culture?

7. Who is your favorite author?  Why?

8. It has been suggested that as a group, writers tend to be elitists.  Based on your experiences, do you agree with this assertion?  Why or why not.

9. What is your favorite genre of music?

10. Do you have any pets?  If so, what kind?

11. Who is your favorite cartoon character?  Why?

That’s it, everyone. Have fun claiming your award.

Thank you, again, Jennie for nominating me for the Liebster Award.


Danica Cornell is the author of the forthcoming DARK STAR Sci-fi/Fantasy Series, soon to be published by Cool Geek Books. To learn more about Danica’s work, her love of dogs, and her support of UNICEF, please visit her website at

Danica Cornell is a proud member of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

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Genre: Romance, Steamy Romance

Publisher: Self Published



“You never forget your first love. Burn couldn’t even though she had moved on. An awesome love triange that ‘burns’ and keeps you reading.” Smashwords reviewer

When the school star athlete, blue-eyed, blonde haired, Brody McGraw asks her out, Burn can hardly believe her luck.

In record time they start dating and she is thrilled when she can finally change her Facebook profile status to ‘In a relationship’.

However, Brody’s mother has huge political plans for her family and she makes it clear, they do not include someone with Burn’s color.

When Burn suffers a severe bout of self-loathing because of Dawn McGraw’s words, she is forced to make a decision that will break her heart.

Enter Trojan Catrell, a thug and an enemy of Brody McGraw. He wants what Brody has and he pursues Burn.

Since she hankers after Brody McGraw, Burn’s not interested.

However, Trojan has no intention of taking no for an answer and a long triangle that lasts for years ensues.


When he sees me, he smiles. A sheepish smile. Again, he’s wearing a long-sleeve black shirt, dark jeans, dreads tied back, and a stud in his ear. He has no other jewellery on.

“What’s your pleasure, sir?” I ask notepad and pencil in hand.


I smile.

“What do I have to do to get you to get on the bar and do a Coyote Ugly for me?”

I look at the ceiling, then at him. “You’d have to dance with me.”

“No way!” he laughs. “I’ll just have a beer.”

“What kind of beer, sir?”

He narrows his eyes at me. “You choose. Impress me.”

“O … kay. One ginger beer coming up.”

“Ginger beer? What the fuck?!”

“And how would you like your ginger beer, sir? Rare, medium-rare, well done …?”

“Lemmee think …on a long body shot.”

I giggle and walk away to fetch the beer. When I return, it’s with an icy-cold Stella Artois and the entire staff.

His eyes flit around. “What the …?”

To his absolute horror, we clap and sing Happy Birthday to him.

He sinks lower into his seat and eventually puts his hand over his eyes. “Burn, I’m gonna fucking kill you!” he mutters as Tong Carlos and Madonna link arms and dance around.

My response is to “Yip! Yip!”

“Hooray!” they chorus.

When they leave, he tries to glare at me and fails. “I’m gonna get you back for this,” he warns. sinking further into his chair. “I promise.”

“Whaddyamean? You want them to sing in Chinese? I can arrange …”


“Okay, okay!”

“So, what are you doing here?”

He shrugs. “Was in the neigborhood. ‘Sides, you promised me a drink and …”


“It’s my birthday on Saturday and I’m having it at Danes. I’d like you to come.”

I wasn’t expecting him to invite me to a party.

“I want you to come. Bring your friends too.”

Danes? Bring my friends? Wow! Really? Man, am I impressed!”

He nods. “I’ll send a car for you guys.”

My jaw drops. He’ll send a car! This is just too good to be true. Hang on, I’m underage. Has he forgotten? Danes won’t allow me in.

“What? You need a written invitation or something?’

I shake my head. “Only one problem – my age. I tried to get fake IDs, but the guy stiffed us for our money and …”

“Why ya trippin’? Just be there. I got it covered.”

“Whaaaaat?!” I feel faint with excitement. “You can get us in? Really?”


“I …” Wow! My friends will worship me for life if I can get them into Danes. How do I pass on it?

I look at him with one eye closed. “What’s the catch?”

“Catch?” He thinks about it. “One body shot.”

“Get lost!”

He laughs. “I’m kidding!”

“No strings attached?”

“None whatsoever. But …this …” He wags his finger between us – it don’t count as a date. We straight?”

I nod. “We straight.” Hell, the dudes getting us into Danes – no more trippin’ from me.

“Say yes.”

I smile. “Yes!”

His turn to smile. “Cool.” He looks pleased.


edited 1 Eve Red top








Eve Rabi lives in Sydney Australia, but was born in South Africa.

She is the author of 20 books and is known for her kick-ass leading ladies, her alpha males and her ability to make you cry and make you laugh as you fall in love.

Feel free to stalk her online:

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GUEST POST: Go ahead, make a margarita: a pleasant nightmare

Hello to all!  Today I have the pleasure of introducing my friend, Nicholas Rossis, author of the Pearseus Science Fiction/Fantasy Series. Take it away, Nicholas…

Written by Nicholas Rossis

Last night I had a pleasant nightmare, as the song goes.  Dozens of lemons had fallen under a lemon tree, and I was picking them up, throwing them into my basket, drooling at the thought of the lovely foods I could prepare with them: lemon tarts, lemonade, lemon cake, and yes, margaritas.

When I woke up, I realized just how accurate a depiction of my life this was.  It feels like I’m asked to master taking a bad situation and making the best of it.  But perhaps I should explain.

For the past twenty-odd years, I have been running my own web design company, which has done quite well in the meantime.  We have developed almost 500 sites, including big names like Ducati, KTM or various Ministries and Universities.  Throughout this time, I’ve had to deal with a fair amount of crazy, which tended to sour the experience.  All in all, though, it’s been rather nice.

Lately, the balance has shifted.  Crazy seems to be the rule, rather than the exception.  Everyone I talk to says the same thing; too many people have lost it.  Some blame the financial situation.  Others claim it’s always been like this, and only now have I realized it.  Perhaps there’s some truth in both statements.

NRossis_New Cover

I started working on my sci-fi/fantasy series Pearseus to escape from just that.  It was a nice way to pour my thoughts and feelings into a fantasy situation, to let off steam in a safe way.  Clients tricked me into working for free for months?  Enter the villains of Pearseus.  People transformed from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde all of a sudden?  Must be the Whispers, the corrupting entities on the planet.

My books kept me sane throughout all this.  I took my everyday observations on how people behave under stress, transformed them and catapulted them into a dystopian, fantastical future.  My characters don’t fight battles with bug-eyed alien.  Instead, they evolve and grow, face tough choices, make fateful decisions and suffer the consequences.  They trick others and themselves, fall in love and out of it, make friends and lose them.  This is a real world in my mind; every bit as real as everything that surrounds me.

Naturally, I failed to find a publisher willing to publish them.  It wasn’t fast enough for some, too fast for others.  It did not fit a genre, could never become a best-seller, didn’t have enough battles, had too many of them.  So, I went Indie.  I figured that I don’t need a gatekeeper to let me know if readers like it or not.  Why not let people decide for themselves?

I self-published the first two books of the series in October, in a double launch.  People seemed to appreciate my different approach.  Within a couple of months, both rose to number one on Amazon (you can read more on that in my guest blog piece, “How both my books reached number one on Amazon”).  Even I was surprised by the positive comments:

“Astonishing, intriguing, thoughtful”

“It will be hard to put this book down long enough to eat and sleep, never mind doing responsible things like going to work and taking care of the kids”

“[It] hits on those big archetypal themes of invasion, loss, leadership, death… and high tech. It gives the reader plenty of material for discussion.”

“Be warned: once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down!”

It seemed I had stumbled on something that could both help me preserve my sanity and allow me to make a living.  I even bought a car with the money I made (I keep in my top drawer, occasionally taking it out for a spin in my pocket).

So, where am I today?  Busy finishing the third book in the series.  Oh, and I’ve decided to become a full-time author.  I can’t afford to quit my day job just yet, but my long game from now on is focused on achieving this goal.  I don’t call it a dream, not anymore, because a dream sounds too wooly.  This is a goal, and I pride myself in achieving my goals more often than not.

So what if it’s hard to make a living out of one’s books?  I just don’t care.  I’ll continue to pick up the lemons that life throws at me, take them to the kitchen, squeeze them into the blender, add a dash of tequila, a splash of Cointreau and serve chilled inside obscenely large, breast-shaped glasses with salty rims.  I’ve already had my lemonades; now it’s time for the margaritas!

Nicholas’ Books Are Now Available on Amazon:

Nicholas’ Blog:



Danica Cornell is the author of the forthcoming DARK STAR Sci-fi/Fantasy Series, soon to be published by Cool Geek Books. To learn more about Danica’s work, her love of dogs, and her support of UNICEF, please visit her website at

Danica Cornell is a proud member of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

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Real Success Takes Time

Vincent Egoro

The reason why you are facing so many challenges at the moment and everything around you seem to be going at snail pace is because God is preparing you for a great future.

Never mind if everyone around you is making progress but you don’t seem to have any headway yet. You see, though we all strive for success in life, some of us are just aiming for survival, to live average and comfortable lives. What these individuals would require to succeed is not the same as what you, who is striving for greatness would require. “When a person takes a journey to the nearby woods, to return a few hours later, he doesn’t have to prepare a supply of food. If he has to travel 100 kilometres, he would need to prepare food for overnight. If he has to travel 1,000 kilometres, he would need to prepare food for…

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