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By now, many of you are likely aware I’m an indie author who’s busily penning a science fiction/fantasy series.  And because I’m a “newbie” I’m sure it’s no surprise that when I’m not writing or on social media, I tend to spend time reading articles/blogs related to what emerging writers should be doing along the way to becoming published.  (Okay, in truth I’ve poured over such articles.)  Here’s what I’ve noticed.  There seems to be a general consensus out there regarding the importance of authors belonging to book clubs.  Whether you’re just starting out, or even if you’ve published several books–the recurring theme I’ve picked up on is that a good book club can be an author’s best friend.

Why Join a Book Club?

For those unfamiliar with book clubs, such groups can be an invaluable resource for writers.  The reason for this is because book clubs provide authors with  information while also increasing their readership and contacts.  More readers have an opportunity to become aware of an author through a book club’s readings and reviews as well as other promotional spotlights they may have.  Sounds good, right?  I couldn’t agree more!  However, the articles I’ve come across failed to mention just how enjoyable the right club can be!  As ridiculous as this may sound, I honestly didn’t know being a member of a book club would be FUN–at least not until I joined the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB.

Book Club Badge Suggestion copy

My Experiences as a RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB Member

As a Governing Board member of RAVE REVIEWS, I now know what it’s like to belong to a warm and friendly (not to mention, supportive) book club.  We’re a community, in every sense of the word.  Members not only read and review books, but we also help one another with all sorts of things.  Questions about publishing or how one might fix an issue related to their own website are met with kind-hearted and informative responses.  Every single person I’ve interacted with has been incredibly nice and patient with any questions I’ve had (and believe me, I’ve had several at this point).  In turn, when someone has asked me for guidance I’ve been more than happy to help out.  As I’ve gotten to know some of these members a little better, we’ve shared laughs while developing what I consider to be genuine friendships.  Beyond all of this, as a group, RAVE REVIEWS members are showing the world just how supportive we are through tweets and Facebook likes.   Let’s face it, authors can always use a helping hand in this department!  Oh, and the incentives are enough to make my wallet sing, too!

The Benefits of RAVE REVIEWS Membership…

  • Joining is Free!
  • Generous Member Incentives and Promos Including “REVIEWER OF THE YEAR” AWARD – 1st Place Winner – $200 Amazon Gift Card; 2nd Place Winner – $100 Amazon Gift Card; 3rd Place Winner – $50 Amazon Gift Card!
  • Book Reviews!
  • Author Spotlights!
  • A total of 30 Authors are Promoted through Spotlights or Book Reviews Each Year!
  • Fun, Friendly and Supportive Environment!


A one week long blog tour; Press releases sent to your local hometown newspaper/magazine; A PDF file that you can print and post in local businesses/book stores promoting your status as SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR; A Blog-spot Radio Interview (if you so choose); Tweets and RTs promoting you.your book heavily during your SPOTLIGHT week; Facebook blasts on club member walls; A SPOTLIGHT on our site, with your photo, book cover, blurb and buy links!

Anyway, I think you get the picture.  RAVE REVIEWS is a wonderful, supportive and fun book club.  And just to be clear…nobody twisted my arm to write this post. I’m doing this for one reason and one reason only… because I want to.  🙂

To learn more about RAVE REVIEWS as well as how to join, please visit our website at:

You may also follow us on Twitter at:

Until next time…

Happy writing,


To learn more about my DARK STAR Science Fiction/Fantasy Series, my support of UNICEF, and my involvement with the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, please visit my website at

You may also follow me on Twitter at: @DanicaCornell

47 thoughts on “Introducing: The RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB

  1. I SUPPORT Indie authors by author interviews on my blog, cover reveals, book excerpts and guest blogging. Please all ‘follow’ my blog and get in touch. x

  2. Thanks for a great blog post and an excellent tip! I have some questions: in terms of getting your own book reviewed and promoted through the Book Club, if a total of 30 authors are being promoted a year (as per the FAQ page) isn’t there a possibility that it will take a couple of years for a member author to be promoted? And how is the selection being made? Does genre play a role? If the answers are on the Book Club’s site, by all means, please direct me to the right page.

    Thanks again and regards from Greece!

  3. Reblogged this on Motorcitywriter and commented:
    Hey Everybody, welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club. We are looking for authors and readers. There is something in it for everyone. So join me.

  4. Congrats! A great post Danica! In fact, it is so wonderful that I feel compelled to reblog it! Such good news for authors ought to be spread plus it is always a pleasure to help out friends like you and dear Nonnie too 🙂

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  6. Wonderful post, Danica! You shared all the reasons that any book lover (reader or writer) would love to be a part of Rave Reviews Book Club.


  7. Hi Shirley…yes, it’s a great group of folks…the Best! I couldn’t have asked for a better book club! I can totally relate with cyberspace hell…lol…that’s too funny!! 🙂

  8. You took the words right out of my mouth. I love a good laugh and this is where I come to get it. Rave Reviews is the best place to be right now because you are in it. We all have something to bring to the table and you are right, we do help each other out when we fall into cyberspace hell (literally). I’m LOL.

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